MetroMax Solutions is a Leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Management (BPM)

MetroMax Solutions provides cost and operational advantages to its clients everyday. We specialize in providing solutions to clients whom need help with:

  • Lowering Overhead Costs
  • Recruiting New Staff & Skillsets
  • Cost Effective Staff Expansion
  • Providing Training and Documentation
  • Generating Sales Leads For Revenue Growth
  • Office Space Restrictions
  • Managing A Team for Operational Delivery
about us

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our Values

Global Mindset

We think globally, respect cultural diversity, and provide equal opportunities for all employees.


We believe in high quality delivery via continuous improvement, innovation, process optimization and teamwork

Continued Growth

We strive to grow our customer’s business rapidly and profitably to create value for all our partners.

Excellence in Execution

Our high performing staff ensures that we deliver on time and expected business results.


Integrity is the cornerstone of all our transactions as well as the focus across all business practices with our stakeholders.

Customer Focus

Our customer is core and at the center of all we do.