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The capability to ship goods in a well-timed manner often is essential for a transportation business. One of the most important components of ensuring timely and accurate transport is the Bill of Lading.

Processing Bill of Lading can be data entry intensive. However, the biggest issue faced by many of the transportation companies is that a majority of the organization who are doing the data entry for an important document like Bill of Lading is that they have never operated a single truck or transportation themselves. They do not understand the local US context, and they do not understand the trucking domain. A complete lack of operating experience leads to a challenge, sooner or later. A transportation company can not afford an error in an important legal document like a Bill of Lading.

In this eBook, Demarco Thomas, who is operating 200+ trucks, shares how by placing US-trained truck drivers in global locations. He has pioneered a new era in the transportation industry.

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