Payroll Service

Payroll management is a time-consuming activity. It consists of

  • Payroll tax returns
  • Payroll reports
  • Check processing and delivery
  • Quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Time and attendance system
  • 940s and 941s
  • Reporting and filing W2 and W4
  • Employee insurance deductions
  • Direct deposit payments with “paperless” payroll options
  • Knowledge of payroll software such as
  • QuickBooks (Intuit) payroll
  • Pay cycle
  • Paychex
  • ADP
  • Deltek
  • Accounting

It involves tedious routine work. Payroll processing load can increase seasonally, at the end of the financial year when taxes need to be filed.

This is all the more true in the trucking and transportation business where there is a shortage of drivers.

This eBook shares a practical insight from Demarco on how he used a combination of US-based experts who had the local context along with global resources to keep his drivers happy, stay compliant and save more than 50% in his payroll administration costs.

I want MetroMax team to connect with me and showcase live how this is done